an iphone case ready for a dunking

by:AIVI      2019-12-09
Many waterproof iPhone cases turn this stylish device into an oversized block with all the elegance of a 1950 diving bell.
The waterproof case of the IPhone claims to be the thinnest waterproof case of the iPhone, with a thickness of only 16 inch.
The black, pink, purple or white stolid case won\'t win any aesthetic awards, but it\'s simple to use.
Just tuck the phone into the front of the box (
Need some power)
And then snap in the back.
Make sure to give a thumbs up around the seal.
The company said failure to do so was the main reason for the leak.
The sealed lid does not affect sound quality-
The person I called didn\'t know that I spoke to them through a waterproof shell.
I was able to type accurately through a clear screen cover;
All I need to do is press a little bit harder.
There\'s a screw in the box.
In the headphone accessory, you can listen to the iPod while diving as long as you have a sealed headset.
One of the betterthought-
The Out function is a clip on the bottom that allows you to charge your phone without removing the lid.
The phone case costs $80 and sells accessories such as bike holders and belt clips.
The company said the box was waterproof and dusty.
And dirty, snow-and shockproof.
But because only in the case of proof of life
Not the phone inside.
As suggested by the reviewer\'s manual, I don\'t have the courage to test it by putting things in the water for the next hour.
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