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Another monthly corporate gathering is coming.


In this day, the company decided to make some changes, the company's foreign trade department combined as one team. In this way, everyone is closer in distance,and it is more convenient for work communicate. As a result, Agam ,our CEO,working together with us to design and relocate the office with laughter.


As the old saying goes, Golden September and Silver October,(Jin Jiuyin Shi), like the previous month, after two busy months, Workmates of Guangzhou Aivi.Co.Ltd and the company's foreign trade group went to Guangzhou Beijing Road to eat Thai big head shrimp.


The gathering place was personally recommended by the company's artist Ajie. After waiting for 3 hours, our dinner finally began.Agam always had a good mood. He especially selected the finest imported wine from France for the company's friends to celebrate with a toast.


Under the orange light, colleagues are happy to eat their favorite dishes, and enjoy the exchange of work and life happily. Every smile makes everyone's distance closer.


In a harmonious and warm atmosphere, with the care and encouragement of Agam, and the mutual trust and support of each colleague, we work together to move on with Agam for more finest leather goods.

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