Intex Mobile Projector Phones

by:AIVI      2020-04-30
Intex Projector Mobile Phone Specifications 1. Projection upto 61 inches of screen/wall with a high intensity projection of 10 lumens and QWVGA resolution. 2. Projection can be enjoyed up to a distance of 12 ft (between the screen/wall and the phone). 3. Battery life of 3 hrs when watching the projection. So you can watch whole movie at once without charging. 4. Touch-screen Dual SIM (GSM + GSM). 5. Dual Screen mode (phone screen mode and projector screen mode are simultaneously active). 6. Dual Camera and a Dual Card memory slot of 8 GB each to expand the internal memory of 64 MB. 7. FM radio (wireless and wired) enabled, with GPRS connectivity and has an 3.2 inches dust resistant touch screen. V.Show Price in India This phone is available at around 12K in India, and with little bargain you can get this phone at Rs10000-10500. So, what can you do with this phone. Mobile Projector phone allows you to watch movie on the wall screen. Download the movie in your phone's (may be some companies start giving phones with pre loaded movies) : these movie are just 250 MB's, watch these movie at high resolution screen. Apart from that, what's now possible is that start a video conferencing call directly from your phone. With 3G already in your phone, you have option of making video calls using this high speed internet. Project this video on the wall, and start a video conferencing call. What's the best part is you can do all this for free. From free calls, its time for free video calls. You must have done video chat on your PC. Now it will be possible on your mobile Phone. I am waiting if Google start their Google Video chat for phone, with Google Voice already in the market.Remember when I was talking about keeping a wish list and shared some of the things I wanted? Well, my wish list just got a little bit smaller. I wanted a small projector for a while now. (Basically since I learned they existed.) I work at a non-profit and I train at least once a month. There's a PowerPoint for each training, so that means projecting. We do have an LCD projector at the office, but there's just the one. It's under lock and key. That means checking it out, hoping someone didn't take it without checking it out, that the cables are in the case. You get the picture. I've had more than one situation where a group of 20 or more teachers were on their way and I wasn't sure how I was going to do my training. Things are not great financially for non-profits, so buying more projectors wasn't in the cards. Enter my wish for a projector of my own.
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