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by:AIVI      2020-06-25
The VoIP intentional calls can be made in two ways, which comprise of PC to phone calls and phone to phone calls. In case, you are interested in making these calls through your phone, that it must be smartphone i.e. internet enabled. By using your smartphone, you can call with other person holding mobile phone or fixed line phone. But prior to making calls, you need to download free mobile dialer software, which activates the VoIP technology in your smartphone. But for the same, you are required to avail the services of any online VoIP service provider. After paying visit to the website of any suitable service provider, you can get free online registration. After that, your online account is opened. When you buy any international calling plan, its amount is credited in your account and you are now entitled to download free mobile dialer software from the website or any other sources of VoIP company. There are plenty of mobile dialer software available in the market. Leading VoIP service company Phone Kall lets its members free download Mtring Mobile Dialer. This dialer is easy to download and install on your smartphone. But, you need to keep into consideration that this dialer is compatible only with the Symbian mobile phone operating system. In case, you don't hold the smartphone based on Symbian OS, you can free download Itel mobile dialer software. To your immense delight, this software is compatible with all types of mobile OS, be it Symbian, Android, Window phone, BlackBerry or Apple iOS. But, in case you want to make VoIP international calls through PC or laptop, you can download the SIP mobile dialer, which is also free downloadable on your system. After activating the VoIP technology, you are free to make cheap international calls at any time and from any corner of the world to any country. These mobile dialer software also enables you in enjoying the benefits of regular calls, which include Speed dial, Call hold, Call forward, Call mute and so on. In addition, you can also avail extra advantages such as real time information about the time and amount spent during the call period. Step ahead to chat with your overseas buddies right now through free mobile dialer software!
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