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by:AIVI      2020-06-30
Galaxy S3 vs. Note 2 in design Generally Samsung's current variety of smart phones are very similar in their look ,They are available with white and blue colors, But the clear differences is between the S3 and galaxy note is that it is made from Plastic with a metal-look .The Note 2 and Galaxy S3 share exactly the same button and port layout; that means a lock/power press button on the right, a headphone jack at the top, volume rocker on the left, micro USB port for charging and syncing on the bottom.And around the back, both phones have the same 8-megapixel cameras with auto-focus and a Led flash. Besides that, they both have the front-facing cameras with 1.9-megapixel.That back plastic panel can be easily removed from both .You will also find a micro SIM, Micro SD card slots and a removable battery.No one can handle them in one hand ,but you will actually can cope easily with their sizes Galaxy S3 vs. Note 2: Performance Both are powered by a similar processor 'Quad core processor'' But the note is slightly faster .Beside that, the note 2 wins on RAM with 2 GB of memory instead of 1GB, both accept micro SD cards .What's so wonderful about the 2 devices is that they are from the most powerful devices in performing any task related to music, social networks, and of course we cannot forget their high performance in playing 3D games,When we discuss about the battery lifespan of both devices, we find that Galaxy note is better than G3, Which means you are free to do whatever you want, from sending mails to watching unlimited YouTube videos. In order to meet the maximum level of protection to any device, whatever it be you have to get gadgets accessorize .Such as cases and covers. You are going to find these accessorize in any online gadget accessorize shop, where you will find a variety of Samsung, iPhone cases or kindle covers . Also you will find their professional designer to help you out in choosing the suitable and the stylish cases for you .So don't waste your time in healing scratches and get your cases today .
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