Looking for ways of recycling the Nokia 6300?

by:AIVI      2020-06-22
There is another option of recycling the phone. There are a number of companies which refurbish the old cell and sell it. You can simply take the phone to the local retailer and sell it off. Nokia 6300 is a good phone. Although the technology that is being used in the phone is old, the features are good. There is a camera, a MP3 player and a video. The phone will also come with a 2 GB expandable flash drive. You might go for phones with extensive features, but if you consider value-for-money, Nokia 6300 will not disappoint you. If you are buying a new phone, and no longer need the old cell, you can donate it to the local charity. Women's shelter is a good option. Many women who come to stay in the shelters will need a safe and independent way of communication. The phones will almost become life lines as these will help the women to contact their near and dear ones, or in emergency numbers like those of an ambulance and police. This will be your way of contributing towards the welfare of the community. It has been noted that cell phone customers belonging to developed countries change the sets for newer models. Even though the price of the sets is reduced, the mobile phone company will make up for the money through rental charges and call charges. A large number of mobiles remain unused for a long time. There are some cell phones which are rejected even though they are in good conditions. And if some minor repairs are done, they will be as good as new. If you want any of the newer models, you can exchange the older model and get a discount on the price. Your Nokia 6300 will be in good hands. If the contract for Nokia 6300 has expired, you can sell the cell phone to companies which are known to refurbish old models and sell them. In this way, you can not only recycle the phone, but you will get a good return on it. If the cell phone is in good condition, selling the phone will not be a big deal. The phone should be in working order and there should be no missing parts or scratches. Nokia 6300 will be accepted by most companies. In case of the local retailer, they have a proper recycle bin where the phones will be recycled and later put to use.
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