man bags at dawn: the latest must have at milan men\'s fashion week

by:AIVI      2020-02-29
Gentlemen, what bag will you choose when you walk out the front door this morning, pochette or handbag?
A tramp bag or a file rack?
Are you the kind of guy under your arm, or are you wearing a leather backpack on your back?
While British men have slowly taken a liking to the concept of men\'s accessories and men\'s bags, and have evolved from a classic briefcase to a briefcase of all shapes and sizes, some of us remain silent about men\'s bags.
It\'s a shame because, as our Italian arm candy brothers have shown on the streets and fashion shows at Milan Fashion Week, the men\'s bag is a key part of your days, fashion house has come up with innovative ways for customers to snap up these oh-so-
Lucrative leather goods
\"Men sometimes don\'t want to bring their luggage, but it\'s important to remember to tuck keys, wallets, phones, etc into your pocket if you\'re wearing a suit.
\"This will completely ruin the tailoring of the tailor,\" says designer Mitchell Belke . \".
\"For this reason I\'m totally in favor of a men\'s bag, but I think it would be wiser to go and buy something smaller and softer than a heavy-duty briefcase with all the hardware \".
Those fashionable Italians
Drink an espresso from a cafe overlooking many squares and you\'ll see your regular Italian doing business in the perfect style --
Master Class on how to wear them.
\"In Italy, men are more indifferent with them, it\'s just a completely natural way of dressing, it looks appropriate and masculine,\" Belk said . \".
\"I suggest the British do the same.
It\'s not a hassle that you want something soft and suitable for your lifestyle.
The leather looks great as it grows older.
\"The best advice is to keep it simple and classic,\" added Belk . \".
\"The file holder for caramel leather always looks great.
Don\'t get too fidgety things;
You want to look a little easier \".
Times and bags, they are-changin’.
Andrew Maag, CEO of Dunhill, revealed that the categories of folio and mailbags grew fastest in most British clothing organizations.
A sturdy briefcase was once the only acceptable option for a man (
Often crocodiles are stained with glittering golden buckles)
The designers of Milan men\'s wear week have become the best among many competitors.
Donatella Versace said in introducing her Fall/Winter 2018 series: \"It looks like you just folded a cushion under your arm . \" She pointed to a bag designed to imitate soft furniture and finished it in Persian-
Carpet tapestries and tassels.
It may sound a bit strange to most of us, but its shape and feel is USP: soft, soft
It\'s OK anywhere and it\'s easy to tuck under the arm.
Miuccia Prada has made cult black nylon messenger bags for men in their 1990 s and he also has new tips to place your kit: neat, compact health kits, huge
Leather-style messenger bag
It\'s easy to shrug when you rush out of the door
Clear, clear document folder.
At George Armani, the designer sent the model to the runway with a folded leather bag, which is a kind of love --
The worn out leather brings the effect of the pass heir accessories, large and soft in Fendi
The structure of Totes has modern mobility. .
There is an unfortunate misconception that a man\'s bag has a feminine color.
While we \'ve made a lot of progress in laughing at Joey in his men\'s bag among friends, there are fears that you\'ll look like you \'ve borrowed grandma\'s shopping bag.
But, as Todd\'s designer Andrea proved when he showed the brand at Milan Fashion Week, bags can also be male.
\"We want to do something sturdy and durable next to our more classic leather bag,\" incontri mentioned a nylon backpack that looks like it was designed for mountain yomps, but decorated in the softest hand leather, the details are fine.
\"It has substance and looks powerful \".
To date, the humble backpack has been linked to the geographical field visits of Snowdonia and gap year backpackers, and has been upgraded to a new height of clothing.
In the latest form
Whether it\'s the fine leather of Brunello kuchinelli or the fine print of Etro --
This is a considered middle point between firmness and sophistication: smart enough to wear in a board room, but the shape is synonymous with outdoor activities and some sort of vitality.
\"It\'s definitely not just a gym project anymore,\" Belk confirmed . \".
\"Just be careful with the straps of the suit;
If you\'re wearing a smart suit coat, I think it\'s better to hold it if you\'re in a situation more like a company \".
Niftier with backpack, festival-
The bumbag also returned to Milan with a bold new attitude, especially on its street-style stars.
This is not an appendix that it used to be quite awkward-
Especially for tourists, with plastic masks and phrases \"indescribable naff \"--
But a new form of accessories for men\'s fashion e-
The tail giant cleverly called the belt bag \".
The important styling technique here is that they are no longer hanging from the waist;
Instead, they are worn on the side of the body, the bag in front, the side of the strap on the shoulder, and the other side under the arm.
This is dynamic. the-
There is little time to get to the irrelevant details: compact size requires concise editing of the material, and there are some very attractive places.
The rest to consider is which tribe you belong.
Would you prefer a discreet leather folder to store your laptop and hide under the armrests of a nice gray flannel suit or hike --
The backpack is full of kits and cables, are you ready?
You may even be a dazzling show\'s showman, and in Gucci\'s new partnership with Elton John, you are well looked after and unveiled in Milan this week,
No matter what your bag is, there are accessories right outside for you.
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