meet the iphone case made out of space shuttles

by:AIVI      2019-12-11
The new iPhone case is no longer in the world.
Expensive magnetic health bracelet maker Divoti presented their new case Titan for iPhone 4/4S at CES.
The box is made of the same titanium used on NASA\'s shuttle.
The base of the box Titan is pure titanium and ge.
The base is clearly significantly improving the quality of the music, and even with the use of basic headphones, users will hear a significant improvement in the quality of the audio.
\"The situation of Titan is different from that of other iPhones,\" said Ronald Ho, CEO of Divoti . \".
\"While there are other titanium and metal iPhone cases, this is the only one that significantly improves the audio quality of your listening to music.
We applied for a patent for it, which is so unique.
\"This so-called sound quality makes Gutwire convinced that it is a high
End the burning friends accessories company and work with Divoti to deal with the case.
The only benefit of this ridiculously expensive shell is not to improve sound quality. The “99.
The 99% pure ge particles embedded on the back of the chassis Titan \"absorb the heat of the user\'s hands and batteries.
Obviously, it releases ions that can reduce the radiation output of the phone.
The first thing you heard was the Titan case that stopped the phone. induced cancer.
In addition to joking, there is something to be said about the luxury iPhone case.
Their purpose is to let the rich show off their wealth.
Now they can prove their wealth and prevent iPhone cancer. It’s a win-win.
For those interested in God\'s iPhone case (and bank execs), It can be pre-
Order now for $179. 99.
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