Mobile phones are much more today than they were

by:AIVI      2020-06-21
As functions available on phones advanced, as useful as this may be, it was obvious that this functionality would be put to misuse by troublesome developers, this tends to be the case. What people probably did not predict is the fast paced rise in popularity of mobile phone spying software, how easy it is to get your hands on this type of app plus how easy it would be to actually apply it to practise. There is not need to be some kind of hacker or mad genius to use mobile phone spying software, someone that has no any previous experience in its usage can easily installing, configure and getting it working on the phone handset of the enemy in minutes and once that process is complete the spy software will operate undetected in the background for the duration of the phones use. There is no method to spot or clean the spying app after it has been configured despite many antivirus and other 'protection' apps in existence. Simply put mobile spying apps can be utilized in order to monitor text messages that are received and sent of course it will also monitor calls, however, as technology has moved forward it can now do even more. More modern mobile spy apps is regularly updated therefore features are added to the app as handsets advance. There is no need to concern yourself with the updating of phone spyware as once its setup its capable of downloading updates in secret without alerting the user of the handset. The top of the range mobile phone spyware can now monitor sms messages that are in and outgoing, allow the person using the software to listen into the phonecall in real time using their own phone or alternatively at a later date as the software records the call. They are also able to track the position of the mobile using the GPS tracker. This, however, is not even scratching the surface. All photos or voice recordings and videos taken with the phone are passed to the person doing the spying and so are all audio files or all other media on the phone. The most advanced software are able to enable the speaker at any time therefore you are able to make use of the mobile phone as a traditional bugging device. As you can see, the more applications that developers add to a mobile phone the more features can be abused or turned against the person who owns the handset!
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