new mobile phone location service to aid emergency services

by:AIVI      2020-03-05
The Minister for Communications, climate action and the environment said a new mobile phone precise positioning service would help emergency services find callers in need faster and more accurately.
Naughnaughten said the new mobile phone system is a vital service because \"it means emergency services can handle emergencies faster.
\"In an Irish morning speech, he said that when people are in trouble, the huge advantage of this new service will be in remote rural areas.
The new service is called Advanced Mobile location (AML)
And use the positioning function of the mobile phone to automatically tell the rescue staff where the phone came from.
At present, when the caller of the emergency service is unable to give their location, the only information available to the service is the approximate location of the mobile mast connecting the call, which usually covers an area of several hundred kilometers or more.
However, AML uses the positioning function on Android phones to give the first responders a more accurate positioning.
The service is built into Android phones running Google Play Services 9 or more.
When someone dials 999 or 112 on a smartphone running AML, the phone automatically activates its location service within 25 seconds and tries to establish a location.
It can do this using GPS, Wifi signals and nearby mobile units and masts.
If the location is determined, the phone sends a special text to the emergency call answering service with an accurate location below 50 m or better.
The technology has been used in the UK, Estonia, Lithuania, Austria and New Zealand.
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