Now a days mobile phones are becoming a very important

by:AIVI      2020-04-25
The consumers face the challenge in exploring their device, configuring their handsets without pictorial guide, long waiting line at the call centre etc. The customer support team faces the challenges like updated about the latest technology, lack of contact center support tools, high AHT etc. Mobile phone simulator is the solution of all these kind of problems. It is step by step guidance platform that assists the customers to configure/use his /her device for various applications and services. It raises the mobile experience of the end users. Customers can check these mobile simulators through web as well. So if customers don't want to call in call centre but they want settings in that case they can go to the website insert the model number of the phone and get the simulator on the screen. Mobile Phone Simulators helps the call centre agents as well as customers to solve their issues. They help in providing quick resolution to the callers, reducing the Average Handling Time of the call which is beneficial for the telecom operators as well. Mobile Phone Simulator gives sound knowledge of the handset brand model and its features like- This device is GPRS compatible or not?This device is modem compatible or not?Is the device 3G compatible? Agents can easily check all the features of the phone as well as provide manual settings to the customers with the help of simulator. These mobile simulators not only provide manual settings but also provide different setting such as browser settings, connectivity settings, Application settings etc. Agents can also check some little things like How to turn on bluetoothHow to turn on internet tetheringHow to do email settings etc.
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