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by:AIVI      2020-07-07
While there is enough differentiation within the massive range devices to cause consumers a significant amount of thought before they make an investment, the effects of this paradox of choice seems to be more than well matched when it comes to choosing the right smartphone cover. And of course, a significantly lower cost of purchase doesn't exactly help change that fact. So what makes for the perfect smartphone cover? The most obvious factor first of all, is the factor of overall bulk. For some users, the sleek design and increasingly thin frame aren't the most important selling points. For some, it is the internal processing power and organisational functionalities that matter most and a bit of additional bulk is acceptable, if it affords them greater protection. In these cases, there are many an iPhone 5 cover that seemingly protect against absolutely anything short of an explosion. With water proofing, shock proofing and pressure resistant capabilities, one could theoretically take this type of smartphone cover to the blackest depths of the ocean without doing any damage to it. Why one would, is an entirely different proposition. To most consumers though, any iPhone 5 cover that turns the appearance into that of an old school Motorola is missing the point of owning these beautifully designed handsets. No, to most consumers, it is imperative that this phone cover act as an aesthetic extension of the phone itself. In this case, there is another factor that should be considered before making the purchase. No two customers have the same usage patterns. As such, each customer should consider what additional feature would enhance their usage significantly. For instance, one could get an iPhone 5 cover with a built in kick stand to make the viewing experience more comfortable. Alternatively, one might prefer an iPhone 5 cover that enables additional battery life. But all these features are inherently adhered to the individual using them. As such, there would appear to be a strong contender for first place in the shape of the personalised iPhone 5 cover. By marrying both the protective responsibilities and aesthetic requirements on an individual basis, its quality can only be defined by the person customising it. With the creative onus being an enjoyable one, it also makes the selection process a lot more interesting for customers. The ability to choose your own design also ensures that the iPhone 5 cover isn't just an aesthetic extension of the device, but of the device's owner as well. In that regard, it is able to create a happy medium between function, form and most importantly, fun. What makes for a perfect mobile phone cover, after all, is an answer that can only be provided by the person holding all the proverbial cards.
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