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by:AIVI      2020-07-11
Now function and style combined in the personalized case for the iPhone4 and with custom cases for the iPhone 5. Here you don't need to sacrifice; they are the best of both worlds. These unique iPhone cases are made from sturdy material that allows ink to be injected below the surface of the cover to ensure your photo or image lasts as long as your phone. To create your own iPhone case you have two paths from which to choose. You can make a photo iPhone case or pick from a wide variety of artist-inspired designer iPhone cases. With the first option, you can design custom cases for the iPhone 5 by selecting a photo from your collection of digital pictures. You can show the world someone or something that you love: your family, pets or significant other ... your favorite vacation spot or scenic vista ... perhaps even that old hot rod you lovingly restored. The possibilities are only limited by what you've photographed. You decide which picture best suits your needs. If you're not an avid photographer, or don't want a photo on your personalized case for the iPhone4, you can select a designer iPhone case. In the extensive range of colors and patterns, you're bound to find something that strikes your fancy. Do you gravitate toward a bold print, or do you prefer a more toned-down design? Whatever your style, there is a case that fits your personality. Another option would be predesigned iPhone cases imprinted with a logo from a professional sports team. When someone sees that cover they assume you are a sports fan and wonder if that team represents your hometown or the city you moved to. You can also find custom iPhone covers featuring popular musical groups or performers. If a passerby sees an image of the hip-hop group N-Dubz on your custom iPhone5 case, he'd probably assume your playlist wouldn't include Justin Bieber. And to make the most unique iPhone cases, either a designer case or a photo case, you can add text to the design or picture. You pick the type style, color and size then position it anywhere on the case. Put it all together and make your own personal statement to the world.
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