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by:AIVI      2020-05-04
They started realizing this fact because mobile phones are no more used only for chatting, games, connectivity, internet and various other applications. Business people can now carry forward their work easily without any kind of interruption because there are many ways with which they can work efficiently using their phone. In case of work flow tracking and reporting it can be done swiftly with the help of mobile applications. These applications are any day better and helpful to keep in track all reports rather than manually tracking everything via emails. Mobile apps are indeed very fast as mobile phones are devices that are kept handy and hence with mobile applications official reports can be easily submitted to their managers on time. With desktop versions in mobile, people can save time as they no more have to sit for long hours in front of their boring desktop for a particular app because phone users can do the same with the help of their mobile phones. Also internet access is available easily because now a day's all mobile phones come with 3G connection or GPRS is already activated on cell phones. With cell phones people can complete any difficult task easily within no time. People can now make all kinds of payments through the mobile applications installed in their device. A mobile is termed to be a man's best friend because it can entertain him, release his stress, and make him do all important personal and official work easily. basic and Smartphone applications are these days being used a lot for business purposes too. A few excellent mobile apps which are very useful for business and personal use are as follows: Chase mobile application This app which is available for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android smartphones is useful for both personal and business use. With this app people can check their personal account balances, credit card payment date and amount, loans, online banking, insurance, transaction history etc. GPS systems GPS location helps in finding out the exact location of a lost cell phone. Apart from this Wi-Fi and cell Id systems too help in locating the location of the handset in case of absence of GPS system. However, the GPS is a very important application which allows people to send data from anywhere during anytime. Pictures can be geo tagged in case the GPS technology in smart phones has digital cameras. Social media applications We all are well aware of the popularity of social networking sites. Those people who are addicted to these sites can now access it swiftly with the help of their Smartphone. With many social media applications like eBuddy, tweetie, Flickr Yelp, Facebook, Youtube people can easily update their profile, connect with business associates and chat with friends. Many of the above mentioned apps are however available for smart phones like android, Windows 7, Blackberry and other iOS phones.
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