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by:AIVI      2020-04-25
Mobile sms-safety app is a security functions that does not show up your private data like your message inbox contents and Gallery pictures on your mobile phone. With this app installed on your phone, you could protect your privacy from unauthorized people from manipulation your reputation. A simple sms might be having critical data like your credit card pin number or acute information regarding your business transaction. In any case however, the phone data is retained on the mobile phone in an encrypted format thereby making it convenient to restore whenever desired. Business Challenge: With any innovative technology that seems promising, the expectations and the challenges are immense. Following are some of the challenges that were simplified to make this app efficient. Once the data is on the mobile device it can be easily compromised through loss or theft. The challenge was to develop an application which would reside on the mobile phone and run in the background to protect the users Short Messages and Gallery content from being viewed by any other person. User validation was to be required to confirm the credentials whenever someone tries to access the private content. The solution should prevent any other person from accessing the personal messages / pictures of available on the users mobile. Benefits: The application ensures that the users' content is secure and restorable in case a person has to either change his/her device. In worst cases, if the mobile phone gets lost or stolen, the user can have a sigh of relief that the data is secured and retrievable. The Gallery content that might have memories of past, childhood photos or any personal data will stay with user irrespective of the phone being misplaced. Software Solution: This application allows the user to password protect his/her Short Messages and Gallery thereby preventing any other person from accessing the content of available on the users mobile. Until the correct password is entered the application will not allow anyone to access the Gallery and text messages on the phone thereby assuring the user that his/her device cannot be misused in case of loss. The sms-safety app provides 100 percent safety of the data by password protection which can be easily restored back on to the phone anytime.The user on pressing the options soft key is presented with a list of options like Gallery, Messages, Restore and Password options. Hence, with the increasing popularity of the text messaging service both the business and the personal mobile users should have the option of safeguarding or restoring their phone data even if the phone is destroyed accidentally.
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