There are basically four types of custom iPhone

by:AIVI      2020-07-09
Rugged Cases - These iPhone 4 cases are designed to protect the phone from serious use, or, as some would say, abuse. These are often bulky and maybe difficult to get on and off, but they offer extreme shock protection and are excellent at keeping out dust and dirt. Some newer cases even claim to be watertight, with commercials showing people rinsing off their phone under the faucet. This is the best choice if you frequently drop your phone or often knock it off desks or counter. A rugged case would be a good choice if you use your phone in a harsh environment like a construction site or at the beach. High-End Cases - High-end cases are made of nontraditional materials such as leather, bamboo and other wood, metal, and even paper. However, these can come with a steep price. And some of them offer only minimal protection for your phone. But they are distinctive in their own way. Designer Cases - These trendy cases, made from shatter-resistant polymers, are for the young and young at heart. Preprinted with artist-inspired patterns and prints in pretty much every color of the rainbow, designer cases are a great way to showcase your personality and provide enough protection for typical use at an affordable price. Photo Cases - While the same as designer cases in construction, level of protection, and price, these cases are the ultimate in personalized style. Any photograph from your camera roll can be printed on a custom case for truly unique protection. Most of us like to be different and standout from the crowd. And designer iPhone cases can help you do just that. Custom iPhone 4 cases allow you to choose a pattern and color that are tailor-made to fit who you are: large, bold patterns for that outgoing, gregarious personality to subtle prints and tone-on-tone colors for the introvert. Simply go to the website of your choice then browse the online gallery of designer iPhone 4 cases to find the one that most appeals to you. Choose carefully. You want to select a phone that matches style. The other option for custom iPhone cases would be photo cases. For the ultimate personalized case just select your favorite photo. It doesn't matter what the content may be. The one condition to keep in mind when selecting your photo is to ensure that photo is meaningful to you. Think about what you want to say with your case. If, perhaps, you want people to see your family is important pick a great photo of your tribe. Or, if you love nature, find a picture of a beautiful landscape to use for your cover. Now you can give the world a hint about who you are without saying a word and without breaking the bank. Don't risk damaging an unprotected phone. Make a statement and protect you phone with an affordable personalized cover now, before it's too late.
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