With the advancements in the telecommunication industry

by:AIVI      2020-05-06
1) Emergency Calls For any normal mobile user, emergency calls mean calling someone close in a problem. But then imagine that there is no network and you actually need help. Only few people know that there is a common emergency number all over the world. 112 is the number. You can even dial this number when you are out of coverage area. As soon as you dial 112 the mobile starts searching for a network. This number can also be dialed if the keypad of the phone is locked. 2) Forgot Your Car Keys In the Car By Mistake? Use Your Phone You might be surprised to know this but it actually works. If you have a remote keyless entry installed in your car, you can make use of it in case you lock the car keys inside by mistake. You just need to call at your home. Ask the person to hold the other key near the phone speaker and press the unlock button. You just need to stand at least a foot away from the door. The car will be unlocked. This works irrespective of the distance between you and your house. Is it not amazing! 3) Heard of Morse Codes? Morse codes are usually used in high secret missions where navy men use different light patterns to convey the message without the enemy understanding it. These days, mobile phones are used for this. The light of the mobile phone is flashed and the message is secretly conveyed to the other person nearby. 4) Hidden Power in the Battery It is hard to imagine this but there is hidden power in battery of the new mobile in India. You just need to press a particular code and your phone will restart. This time it will show increased battery backup which can be termed as the reserve power. You can use this power and later on recovering it by putting your phone on charging. 5) Parental Control Software The latest Panasonic mobile phones allow users to download and install software wherein the parents can control their child's activities on mobile phones. The software can help restrict usage of certain features by the children in their mobile phones keeping them away from unnecessary activities. 6) Mobile Tracker: Tracing the Thief This is a very useful feature that mobile companies are introducing in all latest models like Panasonic p 51 mobile. This allows you to trace your mobile in case someone steals it. You can easily recover your phone in no time. 7) Data Backup with Service Provider Nowadays, service providers also understand the importance of mobiles for users. This is why they provide a facility where users can save contact lists with the service provider and recover data whenever required. 8) Disable Mobile in Case Stolen Apart from the tracking feature, you can also disable your phone if it is stolen. You can check the serial number by pressing *#06#. The code that appears on screen is unique. If you have the code with you, you can provide it to the service provider and stop all services instantly making it useless even if the SIM card is changed. Panasonic manufactures variety of mobiles with all such features that can prove to be helpful in case of any emergency. The user just needs to know the uses and ensure proper safety.
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